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Child Support in Texas

Separation or divorce is one of the most upsetting things in a person's live. Two people go from sharing everything  to living completely separate lives. If you think it is upsetting for you, imagine how children that are caught in the middle feel. Children have to worry about where they will live, who they will live with and how to stay close to both parents they love.  Texas has guidelines for parents to follow to make sure children have financial support for their basic needs. - child support. While it may be hard to think clearly during a divorce, both spouses should remember that child support is is a responsibility for the best interests of to your child. Child support is not about revenge or punishment and should be seen as a commitment to care for your child.

Texas law has calculation guidelines for child support orders. It is usually the non-custodial parent that pays child support, amounting to roughly 20% of the payer’s net income for one child, 25% for two children and 30% for three children, going up till a maximum of 40%. Also, the parent providing child support usually has to pay for health insurance.


Child support is usually due once a month should be deducted directly from the payor's salary. The Texas Office of the Attorney General can enforce  child support payments.

The child support division of the Attorney General's office can enforce the payment of child support, including:
  • withholding wages
  • holding state or federal income tax refunds
  • suspending driver’s other professional licenses
  • filing a lawsuit to enforce payment

See our Attorney General Child Support page for more information about cases with the Texas Attorney General.​

Since child support is a legal responsibility, not paying child support can be prosecuted as a crime and can result in jail time.  

Child support can only be changed by the courts, based on a change in circumstances of the child or paying parent, and can be reviewed every three years.  Child support is usually payable until a child reaches the age of 18 or before he or she gets married or enlists in the military.

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