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A criminal conviction is a significant event that can affect the rest of your life. You may face jail or prison time, steep fines or probation if found guilty. Most professions now require background checks and a criminal conviction can easily cost you a job, promotion or admittance to the school of your choice. A conviction of DWI will most likely raise your insurance rates for the rest for a long time, and a theft conviction can eliminate the possibility of employment in a variety of fields.

You must get legal help soon after arrest so that you and your attorney can establish a defense and develop a plan to deal with your case. Your future is at risk and so working with an experienced Amarillo criminal defense attorney like David may make all the difference in the outcome of your case. 

The law says you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Amarillo criminal defense attorney David Enos has been defending clients throughout the Texas Panhandle for over 20 years. Our office has successfully represented clients in a variety of charges including DWI, theft, drug charges, and juvenile crimes.

Protecting yourself begins today

The first step in fighting the charges that have been filed against you is hiring an attorney who will aggressively fight for you. David Enos also routinely represents clients in Canyon, Hereford, Dumas, Dalhart, Pampa and Stinnett. Contact David Enos to schedule a free consultation for your case and begin investigating the details that matter. We can begin your defense right away. Call (806) 372-7307.

Information on this website is based on general principles of law. They may not apply to your situation. Nothing in this article constitutes legal advice and no reliance should be placed on the legal principles set forth in this website. This is why you should personally consult with attorney David Enos about your case.
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Your representation begins with a free consultation with Attorney David Enos so that you can explain the situation surrounding the arrest and he can explain the legal components of your case and outline your defense options. Often, David Enos, can contact the prosecutors office before they decide to file a criminal case against you. His representation will include representing you at the arraignment hearing, investigating your case and reviewing the evidence the State has against you. David Enos may get the charges against you reduced or dropped all together. If not, he can usually work with the prosecutor’s office to negotiate a fair plea offer. If the case requires a trial, David Enos can file pretrial motions to exclude evidence against you at trial to make sure you receive a fair trial.​