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Child Custody Frequently Asked Questions
What is child custody?

Child custody is a legal term that describes both the legal and practical relationship between parents and a child. It also describes the rights of parents and responsibilities parents have. 

What types of child custody are there?

The three different types of child custody in Texas are: sole conservatorship, joint conservatorship and possessory conservator. 

How is child custody determined?

The court will review many factors such as: the child’s physical, mental and emotional needs, the ability of each parent to fulfill those, the child’s preference and each parent’s income and employment.

What is child support?

Child support is a form of payment that is made by one parent to the other. The payments provide for the child’s  needs and necessities, like food, clothing and shelter.

How is child support determined?

The court will review: each parent’s income and occupation, the current custody arrangement the parents have and the amount of children the parents have together. 

Do I need an attorney for a child custody case?

Yes, a lawyer should always handle  child custody and related divorce matters. Without having an attorney, parents probably will not get what they want in their legal matters. Having an attorney will not only increase your chances of getting a successful outcome, but will also ensure that your rights are preserved throughout every step of the process.

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Information on this website is based on general principles of law. They may not apply to your situation. Nothing in this article constitutes legal advice and no reliance should be placed on the legal principles set forth in this website. This is why you should personally consult with attorney David Enos about your case.

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